Nissan Results:

These tests were done on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno not a Dyno Jet. The usefulness of this data is the before and after results, not comparing it to someone else’s results. In this 1st sheet the solid red and dashed red lines show before IMS. While peak is not that much different look at the spread in the mid range, this is a good improvement. This sheet shows before and after on one sheet overlayed.

Ok again on this one solid and dashed reds lines are before. This sheet shows before and after on one sheet overlaid. On this you can see how the air to fuel ratio improved from mid 11-1 afr’s to mid 12-1 afr in the upper rpm range. This shows even better air management over our previous and the factory set fuel mapping.  I really like this addition to engine.  (note: The sheets are different scales and show power, torque, afr, rpm, they’re just 2 printouts showing different info )


Considerable gains in the low to midrange, 23 HP increase @ 2100-4800rpm (dyno only reads from 3600-4800) 32-23ft/lbs. of Torque @ 2100-4400rpm  (dyno only reads from 3600-4400) increase over previous run. Peak gains of 8hp @ 5600rpm, Torque of 23ft/lbs. @ 4400rpm.


Toyota Results:

Manual shift