Frequently Asked Q & A

Q. Will this IMS Spacer work with my exhaust system?

A. Yes, it will work with any combination of exhaust whether it is stock, full aftermarket, cat-back, or just a Y-pipe replacement.

Q. Will this IMS Spacer work with my handheld programmer; i.e. Bullydog, Superchips, etc.?

A. Yes, it will work with any programmer and is again recommended that you reset the ECU at the time of installation.

Q. Can the stock computer/tune adjust for this IMS Spacer with no problem?

A. Yes, it is best to disconnect the battery during installation so that the ECU will reset. It can take up to 200 miles for the ECU to completely adjust to its new settings.

Q. How long does it take to install the IMS Spacer?

A. Taking your time and following the instructions it can take about an hour. Once you are familiar with the process it can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

Q. Will this IMS Spacer help me if I am running larger tires?

A. Of course! The added Horse Power and Torque will especially help people running oversized tires, pulling trailers, people who have added heavy aftermarket bumpers, or people just looking for more power up and over the mountains where power is lost.

Q. Are there any clearance issues with the hood once the IMS Spacer is installed?

A. No, the IMS does raise the intake and subsequent covers etc. up but the end result is no different than stock as far as interfering with the hood.

Q. Do you notice increases in MPG?

A. Results can vary depending on driving characteristics. If you drive with a lead foot you will most likely not see gains in mpg. However due to the increased power, the amount of throttle required for the same speed to be achieved is lessened so that driving at a normal pace, mpg increases can certainly be obtained. Customers have reported to have gained mpg on road trips where mpg and money can be a big concern.