eXtreme Truck Performance – XTP

XTP is a small company providing a popular aftermarket modification for Nissan & Toyota trucks and SUVs as well as the Suzuki Equator. XTP specializes in providing the customer with a quality CNC’d part that is proven both by scientific dyno testing and by real world customer feedback. eXtreme Truck Performance or commonly known as “XTP” produces the IMS or intake manifold spacers for Nissan Frontier, Xterra, Pathfinders, and Suzuki Equator with the VQ4.0 engines and Toyota Tacoma, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, and 4Runners with the 4.0-liter 1GR-FE V6 engine for performance and mpg gains. All current IMS designs being sold to the public here as well as elsewhere for the Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota were derived from the hard work and dedication of XTP to bring this product to customers looking for more out of their vehicles. XTP prides itself on going above and beyond to make sure each individual is 100% satisfied with the product and service they are receiving. XTP not only sells products, but runs them on their own personal vehicles, unlike generic auctions and some other sellers. Checking feedback, background, and asking technical questions on the product you are buying is important to verify you are getting the best product available. Making a purchase such as this should not be a buyer beware sale as typical on auction sites like eBay. Some sellers or auctions by sellers are no more than info taken from other sites and passed off as their own work with very little or no actual development themselves. Many times, things are cheaper for a reason, as they may lack the knowledge of the product they are selling and they are selling a less of a quality piece. Cheap does not equal better quality. If you buy from eBay sellers, you’ve lowered your standards or don’t care about quality. XTP stands 100% behind the products being sold on this site.


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