Customer Comments

“The IMS really helps to straight and smooth the flow of the ports between the upper and lower manifold”

“a lot more noticeable, was a nice increase in the range I want power…..(freeway passing) without having to take it to redline and was a lot more noticeable on cruise around 65-80”

“To me the engine feels a lot smoother now! The quick jerk off the line really isn’t there anymore and you can feel the smoother power curve. I have also noticed the rattle I had in the engine @ 2200 rpm has smoothed out and isn’t nearly as loud and annoying as it was before. I like the mod and what it has done so far and would recommend it to anyone!”

“Install went very smooth and took about 40 minutes. I hear a little more of a growl coming from the intake, midrange power has definitely increased. As I engage a new gear the front of the truck jumps up more. Climbing the same hills that I’m used to here in the mountains doesn’t take as much throttle input, nor do I have to downshift as often…just leave her in 6 and keep truckin! I’ve actually gained some speed up some hills, whereas without this spacer the truck would just maintain speed or drop speed. Overall I’m very happy with it so far and recommend this as a good mod!”

“I will say that there is a noticeable change in part throttle pick up, on the highway between 1500 and 2000 rpm (55-70 mph) it just takes a small press of the throttle to feel a response and it is pulling hard at WOT @ 80. The motor just feels more “torquey”. Overall I am very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend it.”

“I must say the product is quality. Big thanks NC for the delivery and packaging of this product. He has been more than helpful throughout this whole process for me.”

“Just installed mine, feels smoother for sure”

“Just checked the mail today. Very nice looking piece”

“I promised I would follow up with some comparative MPG numbers for my trip and I am up over 1 MPG for the round trip of over just over 550 miles. Driving conditions and loads were very similar; temps were a few degrees higher for the latest versus the June one. Overall, for the first was 21 MPG, the latest was a little over 22, not bad for a 4400 lb. brick. Very happy with this modification, more power and more MPG”

“I got mine installed today! I must say, its a TON easier to install than it may look! I took a quick ride and the throttle response is there!!! Definitely as stated, noticeable gains in the mid-range of the band. A great bolt on!

“makes the truck really jump off the line now. before, the truck would kinda fall on its face until about 2500 rpm and then get moving. now, as soon as the TC locks up it takes off. great mod for the money for sure!”

“Best and easiest performance mod on my truck by far!”

“Instantly noticeable and this is a very worthwhile mod. For the price and benefit this should be on anyone’s short list looking for more “usable” power. Knowing what I know now, I would have put this in first over my Volant and Tuner.”

“It took about an hour, but definitely smoothed out throttle response. I used to have a huge lag prior to about 2500 RPM’s then it was like turbo kicked in. Now there is strong smooth acceleration right from the get go. Seems to play very nice with nismo intake/catback.”

“Just installed the IMS WOW! what a difference smooth out the throttle alot and more power. With the mods I already have DT headers gibson catback volant 93 superchip tuned high flow cats still I can feel the power difference. This is a must have if you want smoother and more power to your rig. Install was a breeze 45min dont even need the instruction if you know what your doing.”

“The IMS is a great everyday driving mod. I’m very happy with it. If I had known when I first started modding about it, I would have had that be my first performance mod”

“Here’s my .02 cents
Super easy install, there are even video’s if you have the patience for things like that, but if your the type to just grab a wrench and go this is definitely one project you can do it on.
Scale of 1-5; 5 being you need a mechanic/shop/super special tools Install: 1.5
Results: Noticeable low end gains right off the bat, I’m in CO so the higher altitude cuts the power by like 15-20% in the mountains. While driving around town, has more “pep” and spins the wheels easier, like they were stock size again. In the mountains it didn’t cut down to 3rd gear and jack the RPM’s up to 4000 just to make it up a small hill (which is probably my favorite part). And there was a small increase in gas mileage, not very noticeable around town as I am hard on the gas but for long highway drives it was noticeable.
Overall thoughts: 100% Recommended. This ranks in my “Top 3 Bang for the Buck” power upgrades. The other 2 being cold air intake and y-pipe replacement/cat-back exhaust.”

“Amazing product. Installed and instantly noticed more power. My gas efficiency has went up. My Rpms stay steady driving uphill in high elevations. I recommend this to anyone, I think I will save enough gas in the next few months that it will pay for itself. Just like its back to stock with highway tires. Thanks alot!! I’d buy another but I only have one x”